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Fresh from the Peanut Butter and Swelly mix tape is Chiddy Bang’s Freestyle over Flux Pavilion’s “I can’t Stop”. My one complaint, it’s not long enough. Enjoy.

You can find the download for this album about anywhere.


Today’s Friday Feature is of one of our favorite producers here at HH, Flux Pavilion. This bro burst on the scene a little while ago and has been putting out some of the dopest fire tracks since. His filthyness is indescribable, he is also on and is co-founder of Circus Records which has been making huge splashes and dropping tons of tunes recently. For this post I’m going to be giving you our absolute favorite Flux tracks. These are all awesome some of you may have some of them, but hey, they’re classics and for those of you who don’t know these tracks I’ll just say it now… your welcome… and Stay Fresh!

Okay we got 10, count them 10 Flux tracks to get you through your weekend hope its enough cause once it hits your eardrums you’ll want more.

First track is the first song that I heard by Flux and from there out I was a fan.


This next one is just a bomb track really love the syths in this one plus the drop is dope too.


This next song was just an instant classic Flux just kills this Freestylers track.


Here is another huge track… you, you, you, you, Got 2 Know.


Next is Haunt You which is probably top 3 of my flux tracks its hard to say what #1 is but this one is up their.


Damn Turkish copy-write laws not letting me give you a Soundcloud but its ok, YouTube it is.


Next for some Bob Marley Rastafarian dub flux cooks up some deliciousness on this one.


This song does not lie, I Can’t Stop, really I don’t think he can stop, making bangers that is.


Hardly any need for words, just let it kick

no download on this one sorry.

The newest of all these songs and also a collaboration with Doctor P just… filthy.


You guys didn’t think I was ending there did you hell no we got a whole 2 hour BBC Radio 1 take over for you as well. It is filthy and he just did this one last week so check it out and I hope you enjoy all these tracks as much as we all do.

Just found this on suggested videos on YouTube and this is some dope stuff from Raveformz. The craziest part is this guy is only 18 and he is already making dance fire like this. Momentum does exactly what its name entails and gets you moving. The bass is heavy however its not huge or in your face its more just a really good background bassline to dance to. Thought this would be a good post while you guys wait for the Friday Feature to be done. So use this to get everyone moving this weekend and remember… Stay Fresh!

Raveformz is also kind enough to provide us with a free download.

Also be sure to check more of his tunes on the rest of his Soundcloud.