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“We are Sazon Booya from NYC and we present to you our 1st of many mixtapes to come called “Midnight Moombah Sessions”. We have lots of new tunes from us and close friends in this mix so 90% you havent heard before. We hope you enjoy it and check out more of our stuff soon.”

Moombahton is the new black. I don’t think there is a better type of music to get down to this summer then anything from this genre. You just want to get down dirty to it. This mix comes from a NY duo who contacted me on email. I always get excited when an artist or producer reaches out to us. I get even more excited when the songs or mixes are legit. This one is no exception, it’s a great range of songs that showcase this growing genre. If you enjoyed Diplo’s Summer Moombahton mix you will probably enjoy this as well.

Check them out on facebook, twitter, and soundcloud where you can also download this mix.


I got the email today while I was at work and I could not wait to get home. This track is well worth the wait since his last release. It’s such tease. If the rest of  “Divergent Spectrum” is this good it’s going to be one of the best albums of the year. For now though enjoy this amazing piece of electronic music. I cannot wait for Camp Bisco because I know Lorin is going to drop this and it’s going to be insane.

Props to Lorin for giving this song away free. Just enter your email address here.

Sorry for the lack of updates. We’ve been super busy over here at HH. For all you patience I decided to post a huge collaboration for you. It’s a little more then a week old so some of you may have heard it. But for those that haven’t don’t be fooled by the lulling voice at the beginning, this track hits hard. If you love the soft build ups to heavy drops this song is for you. Enjoy and stay fresh.

Following the Chiddy Bang’s I Can’t Stop Remix here is another dubstep remix from an up and coming, gonna be huge rapper, XV. Vizzy has been putting out fire songs and pretty much killing any remix he does as of recently. He recently signed with Warner Brothers Records and is well on his way to greatness while still doing an awesome job of repping his home town, Wichita Kansas. He also tears apart this famous Mt. Eden beat rapping about he is on the rise. Listen and enjoy also be sure to grab the download, and visit his Facebook as well if you don’t know XV then jump on the train now this kids going places.


P.S. There are some awesome references in this song. “I get over her like Scorpion my heart is Sub-Zero.” Vizzy loves his video games and he puts hilarious signs in all of his songs make sure to check um out.

Some say it’s too tame, others too weird. You be the judge.

via hypebeast

Inspired by the English rock ‘n’ roll scene, Sarah Burton has recently unveiled her third menswear collection since taking the reigns as creative director over at Alexander McQueen. Taking care not to toy too much with the late designer’s signature dark, decadent aesthetic – Burton instead continued to roll out sumptuous, tailored takes on traditional British clothing. Despite a lack of particularly original inspiration (English rock has influenced many designers before Burton), the looks from her latest show managed to culminate in something special. From thickly-striped, voluminous pants to a puce Victorian-era tailcoat, Eton-collared shirts and a sportjacket literally set ablaze by a hellfire pattern, the clothes on display in Milan were distinctly high-fashion and uniquely McQueen.


You want a summer jam, this is it. This is one of his earlier works and I have been playing it non-stop for the last few days. It is a head nodder for sure. Something about this song just puts me in that summer mood. Hopefully you’ll all agree.

You can hear more Rusko here

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You probably don’t know about Moombahton but you should. This Diplo’s summer mix and it is pretty much the essential Moombahton mix, especially if you are new to the genre.  Moombahton you could say is a hybrid of house and reggeaton. You definatily can dance to this all night with no problem. Enjoy.

Download the mix on Diplo’s soundcloud.