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Some of you might remember the quite graphic Son of Kick video we posted a while ago. Well I stumbled on the EP and it came with some remixed tracks. I picked my two favorites, the first by Jansten (who has also been featured here). Jansten’s version is a little more turned down then the original with some Jamaican vibes in the build-ups. The second is a housey/moombahton version by Chris De Luca. And if you listen to the original, you may agree it’s awesome that these two completely different versions are the outcome.

Jansten Remix

Chris De Luca Remix


My last two posts have been a little lacking in the bass department so I figured that I needed to get some filth up here. Who better to provide that filth then the duo Nero? These London producers are starting to come up into the spotlight right now and it is well deserved with big name tracks like Innocence and Promises you knew that they would be big before long. We here at The Hypest Hype really really enjoy these guys music its got great party and dance feel while also giving us sick drops to breakdown too, in my eyes a perfect combo for a party. This track here is just a sample track, quite a long sample at 3:35 but Nero is just giving us a little taste of tunes to come with this one. These guys have an album on the way I believe and I can’t wait to hear it especially if this is one of the singles off of it. Get pumped and ready for this track and album, both are going to be quite large. Be sure to check out Nero’s Soundcloud and Facebook for more songs and updates


Here at HH we are usually bumping out loud bass music but we do like and listen to other forms of music here as well. A buddy showed me this song a couple days back and its been on repeat pretty much since the first time I heard it. The beat is just ridiculous if it doesn’t get you moving or yelling “Oh Yea ah Yea” theres something wrong with you. Wale is a pretty big name at this point and he has been doing work recently, this is just on top of some awesome songs that he has just put out, especially his freestyles. The track is below, some of you super bass heads may be saying, “what is this?” but give it a try and see if your not hitting replay cause I can’t stop listening to this song.


New release from dubstep pioneer from Skream. This one is straight up filth, there is no heavy drop, just grimey bass throughout the song. If you want an idea of what dubstep sounded like a few years ago, here you go. I’ve been nodding my head to this one since I got it, such a nice change of pace to hear some older style dub. More songs are up on Skream’s myspace, head over for a listen.

Today I am bringing you guys something a little bit different. Hudson Mo is more of a dance and electronic artist then dubstep but he’s still got tons of swag. His song Party Animal is a bootleg from Gucci Mane’s song and he does a great job with it and he gives it that extra level of class. I really like how he lets Gucci’s lyricism show and just gives the song a huge twist with some classy piano and synths. Not much more to say about this not saying everyone will like it but check it out and if you do download it, also be sure to check out Hudson Mohawke’s Soundcloud and Facebook.


Here is a  remix from Butch Clancy I forgot I had. I guess this “Pumped Up Kicks” song is getting/is big, so I figured why not post it. Butch has a knack for remixing songs no one  would probably touch. The song is pretty chill with some big drops. For those who have heard Butch or are into the real calm build-up you are going to love this song.

Sorry for the lack of posts, between work and lack of computer space we’ve been slacking. Expect things to pick up a a lot more.