Monthly Archives: August 2011

Yes another video, I mean who wouldn’t want to watch a video and listen to an awesome mash up. He does a great job of blending Top 40 with EDM. The Paper Towel parody is a a pretty funny addition to the video as well.


I’ve been posting a lot of videos lately. We’ll here is another debt video from Gemini. I don’t know to much about him but for some reason I find the song really relaxing and I keep playing it over and over. The autotune seemed a tad much a first but the more I listened the more it fit into the song. The video is beautifuly shot as well. Most of you will enjoy this one I think.

Irene is coming and I was thinking what better group to feature again then At Dawn We Rage. The name just fits so perfect for the ever impending hurricane. Other then that enjoy this band new EP from ATWR, it’ll take you on a rollercoaster of bass drops and high synths. All the songs are available for download so snatch them up if you like what you hear.

This song is an insane downtemp, electro hip-hop, dubstep banger. That’s really the only way to put it. Derrick lulls you almost to a higher consciousness before bringing you right back down with bass filled drops. The way he mashes the seven songs is completely unnoticeable. Give this a listen and you won’t be disappointed.

Arguably my favorite artist in electronic music. Pretty Lights just destroys everything. His live shows are second to none. And the way he combines, electro, hip-hop, downtempo, and dubstep is probably the best in the business. I didn’t think it was possible to top the “I Know the Trurth” video from Bonaroo but this may have just did that, If you have not seen PL live you need to. It’ll be life changing.

This song is available for download here. And the rest of his music is available here. Now support Derrick and go out and see him kill it live.

Subscape has been featured here before, and now he’s back. Turn Me On is his newest single and it is sure to be a hit with everyone. No heavy drops in this one. Just some high pitched electro to get you moving. If you enjoy this song please support Subscape and buy this track when it comes out.