Knife Party- “100% No Modern Talking EP” (Preview)

I feel like the world has been waiting for this. But they are going to need to wait till Monday to get Knife Party’s debut EP.


Such is the force with which Knife Party’s music has hit people’s eardrums that
they have quickly established themselves as forerunners in a new generation of
electronic music without an original release to their name. Their UKF artist mix
has received over 800,000 views to date. The work of Pendulum members Rob Swire
and Gareth McGrillen, this new production side project is an outlet for
experiments with everything from electro house to dubstep to moombahton, or what
they simply file under the banner of ‘seizure music’. Remixes for Porter
Robinson and Nero, and a huge collaboration with Swedish House Mafia ‘Antidote’,
have gone some way to articulating their sonic vision, but they are set to make
their mark indelibly with the release of their first EP ‘100% No Modern Talking’
on Monday 12thDecember. In keeping with their meteoric rise, they are eschewing
traditional outlets to give the four track EP away to fans for free.

Going straight in at the deep end, first up isInternet Friendswhich has aptly
enough been spreading across the web like wildfire since first being aired.
Built upon a stomping 4×4 backbone, its schizophrenic structure and dark sense
of humour have immediately made it a club favourite. Switching between a
punishing midrange bassline and lush rave-inflected synth work, its ADD approach
is as brutal as its impact. On the suitably titledDestroy Them With Lazersthey
reprise the 4×4 rhythm as the skeleton for this chaotic anthem. The track builds
around the rapidfire lazer blasts which crescendo as the track goes full tilt
and the bassline shoots straight through it hitting you right in the gut

OnTourniquetthey continue their uncompromising demolition of the dancefloor. The
razor sharp synth interjections swing through the track giving it a funk groove
while the maniacal bassline rips through its core. Rounding off th EP,Fire
Hiveturns things on their head with a cavernous dubstep rhythm that drives
through the bottom of the track led by a ragga skank. Maintaining the sheer
power and impact of the first three tracks, the frenetic bassline manipulations
take centre stage.

Knife Party’s ability to create powerful and memorable club anthems is
undeniable. Their first ever show was headlining BBC Radio 1’s ‘Come Together’
event at Space, Ibiza in August 2011. The crowd had never heard of them, and it
was the first time that anyone (including their manager) had heard the music –
yet their performance won over the crowd within minutes. Their set was broadcast
live on Radio 1 and can now be found all over the Internet, with ‘Internet
Friends’ becoming a viral hit overnight.

Having spent the last few months taking clubs and the Internet by storm, they
have honed their idiosyncratic, chaotic and often comedic productions to
perfection. Now with the release of ‘100% No Modern Talking’ they are set to
cement their place at the top of the expanding scene.

Here is a preview video of the EP to get you even more pumped for Monday. You’ll be able to download the EP for free via their facebook 


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