Monthly Archives: January 2012

Gotye’s song has been getting a ton of love all over the internet. I just stumbled on this remix by StanV. It has gotten support from Tiesto appearing on his Clublife series. The song does no harm to the original and I think it’s something that everyone will enjoy. I know I am excited to play it live. Listen and enjoy. Hop over to his soundcloud to show him some love


This kid is fire. End of story. If you listen and are not blown away there is something wrong or you are slightly retarded. I don’t even need to blabber on just listen. Pay attention for the 3-4 song mashups.

First I must apologize for the lack of post. This operation is back down a one man show it appears. With the start of the new semester along with working some music of my own the site has been getting neglected. However heres the new video for Rusko’s newest tune “Somebody to Love.” While some people have been bashing Rusko’s new sound I beg to differ as it sounds like something right up his alley (If you know old Rusko). But you be the judge, so watch and enjoy.

All I can say is FINALLY! Ever since seeing Aoki drop this live I have been craving this track. I never thought I would get my hands on it. Turns out Lorin had a little remix pack up his sleeves for all his fans. He just dropped it today and it is full of some bangers. Alot of DJ’s know that it is hard to incorporate any of Lorin’s songs into a set because there is no intro and Lorin jumps around the BPM’s. These songs will provide DJ’s with some of Bassnectar’s biggest tunes to tear up dancefloors everywhere. I know I can’t wait to drop them. For more info hop over to Bassnectar’s site.

You might remember not to long ago we posted Steve Aoki’s “Ladi Dadi Part II” well the video for “Ladi Dadi Part I” just dropped. While Part II was pretty heavy in the dub department, Part I is not. I remember something about Part II leaking so Aoki just gave it away. I’m curious as to think that perhaps Part II was actually a VIP mix of Part I. Regardless it’s a cool video so enjoy this as well as Part II again.