Boom… It’s coming, Moombahton is on the way up and right now it is where some of my absolute favorite tracks are coming from. I love the upbeat wobbles and whether you like it or not moombah pretty much always gets you up and dancing. I have 3 awesome moombahton songs that cover a wide range of moombah and are all great mixes of main stream songs, so the girls can still sing to them. Check them out and download the tracks below also if you like the music follow the links and give the artists some love.

First up is one of our favorite artist here at HH putting his crazy moombah spin on a classic, It’s our man Wick-it taking his shot at ‘Dr. Dre’, and he is hitting dead center bullseye.

Shout out to The Unitz for the download, and here are links to Wick-its Facebook and Soundcloud.

Next up Is Red Mob doing there mix of Big Sean’s song ‘Dance (A$$)’. This song is way more drumstepy but I feel like its upbeat and dance worthy enough to be on this Moombah post.

Red Mob also gives us the track for free and if you head to their Soundcloud they have links right there for their other social media.

This last track will be a great party song I think, Skrubz, an artist more known for his heavy bass rather then his moobahton has recently started spinning at 110bpms and what he does to Nicki Minaj’s song ‘Stupid Hoe’ is just gold.

Here are Skrubz links to Soundcloud, and Facebook. I know its not for everyone but I hope you take a listen and enjoy these tracks as much as I do.


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