Mind Vortex- “Hotbox”

We usually don’t post a lot of drum and bass here for some reason. I probably should since every time I listen to D&B is makes me want to start dancing. But anyway the guys over at Ram Records just sent me this over and it is awesome. Heres a little about Mind Vortex

Flip over and fans of Mind Vortex’ harder side get exactly what they’ve been waiting for as ‘Hotbox’ tears the club a new one with grinding bassline combinations and rib-snapping beats. An epic build up with infectious synth hooks draws you in before a jaw-dropping wall of sound smashes your senses halfway across the club. Don’t stop to pick your jaw up off the floor though, there’s plenty of intense D&B still left to go as ‘Hotbox’ breaks down and comes back with more force than ever

If you guys are feeling the D&B maybe we might just have to post some more.


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