High Rankin- “Best of 2011 Mix”

So one of my personal favorites High Rankin just dropped this mix and is a keeper for sure. It features plenty of the popular bangers as well as some tunes you might not know. But for now here is what High Rankin has to say about his mix.

Here is my best of 2011 mix. Of should i say 2000 and Skrillex?

It was a great year for not only Skrillex but also Skrillex and Skrillex.

This is a collection of tunes that made my willy go in a straight line in clubs across the world last year. Some might not be exactly from 2011 but if you have a problem with that then please dont hesitate to go eat a whole bag of frozen dicks.

The bag as well in fact.

I love you all and one day we will make passionate love infront of the fire.


The Trickstas – Kill it Fuck it Eat It
D Cals and Maksim – Jump
High Rankin – Reincarnation
Dodge and Fuski feat Tigerlight – Adrenaline
Skism and Flux Pavillion – Jump Back
High Rankin feat Tigerlight – Lift Me Up
Porter Robinson – The State (Skism Remix)
Skrillex – First Of The Year
Killagram – Silence
Temper D – Face The Door
Mojo – Carnival
Knife Party – Fire Hive
Document One – Ace In The Pack
Doctor P – Watch Out
J Majik -In Pieces (Mike Delinquent Remix)
Kavinsky – Nightcall
Nero – Promises (Nero and Skrillex Remix)
Document One – Tears
Zomboy – Organ Donor
Dodge and Fuski – Aerophobia
Muffler – Calling Your Name (Skism Remix)
Knife Party – Internet Friends
Nero – Doomsday
Feed Me – One Click Headshot
Kriss Kross – Jump (TBMA Remix)
Skrillex – Bangarang

So listen and enjoy. Oh and sorry about the lack of post, Grad school and DJing have been consuming me.

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