Dirty South just dropped his first episode of Phazing. It’s an hour long show highlighting some of the best tunes in Progressive House. It’s not really a mix, but an awesome listen for those looking to pick up some new progressive tunes. In the show Dirty South talks about his plans for Miami so for those of you going to Ultra listen up! I know I will be catching DS when he comes to Philly March 28th. Enjoy the mix and go catch DS cause it will surly be an amazing show! Info on the Philly show can be here. 

Track List:
1. Ingrosso and Alesso and Dirty South – Calling Phazing – (Dirty South Bootleg)
2. Nicky Romero – Toulouse – (Tommy Trash Mix)
3. Alesso – Raise Your Head
4. Arty and Matiesse and Sadko – Trio
5. Jerry Reikonis – Powahbunga
6. Michael Brun – Rise – (Dirty South Edit)
7. Trisco – Musak – (Eddie Halliwell Mix)
8. Zedd – Stars Come Out – (Tim Mason Mix)
9. Dirty South and The Usual Suspects – Arty Walking Alone with Scary Monsters – (Dirty South Bootleg)
10. Felguk – Jack It
11. Dirty South & Thomas Gold feat Kate Elsworth – Eyes Wide Open – (Felguk Mix)
12. Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You


Here we go BASSheads. Bassnectar just dropped this teaser track off his upcoming “VA VA VROOM” album, and it is a drumstep banger of epic proportions. If this is just the preview I can’t imagine the other tracks on the album.

SPIN did a great write up on it:

Bassnectar (Lorin Ashton) often gets lumped in with America’s dubstep faction, but he’s actually traveled a different path than most of his Left Coast bass brethren, from his origins in the breaks scene to his continued stylistic promiscuity. On “Ugly,” a teaser for his upcoming album VAVA VOOM, the hard-charging headbanger throws down the “drumstep” gauntlet, challenging ravers to keep up at 174 beats per minute.

“Ugly” moves like a Godzilla-scale lawnmower plowing through a fife and drum corps, opening with an extended volley of rapid-fire snare tattoos before striking an uneasy balance between half-time dubstep cadences and open-throttle drum ‘n’ bass. The bass is as monstrous as you’d expect, but the real action is in those marching drums, which lend a sense of motion you don’t get from stock breakbeats. Zion I member Amp Live’s 16 bars are a kind of PowerPoint presentation of the mayhem the track will inspire (“It’s gonna be kickin’ hard ’cause it’s ugly / ‘Cause people knock your ass down ’cause it’s ugly”), but, come festival season, you’ll be able to figure all that out for yourself.

VAVA VOOM is due April 10 from Ashton’s Amorphous label, and it features further collabs with Lupe Fiaso, ill.Gates, Mimi Page, Tina Malia, and Jansten; intriguingly, there’s also a song called “Pennywise Tribute.” (We can only hope that means a brostep version of “Bro Hymn.”)


In preparation for Ultra Music Festival, HH favorites Savoy just dropped this new killer mix. If this doesn’t get you excited there may be something wrong with you. Savoy’s fall mix was killer and the Miami mix doesn’t disappoint at all. It’s full of high energy electro that will get you moving. I am looking forward to seeing them again, this time I hope they bring the lazzzers.

So one of my personal favorites High Rankin just dropped this mix and is a keeper for sure. It features plenty of the popular bangers as well as some tunes you might not know. But for now here is what High Rankin has to say about his mix.

Here is my best of 2011 mix. Of should i say 2000 and Skrillex?

It was a great year for not only Skrillex but also Skrillex and Skrillex.

This is a collection of tunes that made my willy go in a straight line in clubs across the world last year. Some might not be exactly from 2011 but if you have a problem with that then please dont hesitate to go eat a whole bag of frozen dicks.

The bag as well in fact.

I love you all and one day we will make passionate love infront of the fire.


The Trickstas – Kill it Fuck it Eat It
D Cals and Maksim – Jump
High Rankin – Reincarnation
Dodge and Fuski feat Tigerlight – Adrenaline
Skism and Flux Pavillion – Jump Back
High Rankin feat Tigerlight – Lift Me Up
Porter Robinson – The State (Skism Remix)
Skrillex – First Of The Year
Killagram – Silence
Temper D – Face The Door
Mojo – Carnival
Knife Party – Fire Hive
Document One – Ace In The Pack
Doctor P – Watch Out
J Majik -In Pieces (Mike Delinquent Remix)
Kavinsky – Nightcall
Nero – Promises (Nero and Skrillex Remix)
Document One – Tears
Zomboy – Organ Donor
Dodge and Fuski – Aerophobia
Muffler – Calling Your Name (Skism Remix)
Knife Party – Internet Friends
Nero – Doomsday
Feed Me – One Click Headshot
Kriss Kross – Jump (TBMA Remix)
Skrillex – Bangarang

So listen and enjoy. Oh and sorry about the lack of post, Grad school and DJing have been consuming me.

If you don’t know AFSHeeN then you should start. This Cali producer has quite the soundcloud following. This song Paradise is one of his newer ones and it’s a progressive banger. At HH we try and post as much up and coming talent as we can, AFSHeeN is no exception. Enjoy this and hop over to his soundcloud for more bangers.


If your not ready for what may be one of the heaviest and most intricate dubstep/drum and bass mixes ever assembled please stop reading. Dieselboy set out to create a mix that would set the bar and boy did he ever. It’s hard to tell how where one song ends and one song begins. So ready eardrums and check out Dieselboy’s soundcloud for more.


“My goal is to make the most intricate, layered, and amazing mix that’s ever been done. Period. I’m not trying to just put out a mix; I’m trying to put out a mix that other DJs will listen to and aspire TO do. I don’t fuck around. I want to be amazing.”

This quote, taken from a recent interview, sums up the Dieselboy philosophy when it comes to making mixes. There are a million lifeless djs and a million mediocre mixes.

This is not one of them.

In Wake The Dead, Dieselboy reworks 87 tracks to make an incredibly deep and textured 84 minute mix. This isn’t a rinseout of big rave anthems. This isn’t a collection of his latest top 20 tunes. This is an archive designed to stand up to repeated listens, slowly revealing new sounds and elements over time. Taking a conceptual cue from The Walking Dead and referencing what DIeselboy feels is a definite “bar lowering” of current dance / dj culture, Wake The Dead is his effort to break boundaries yet again. Featuring almost an hour of heavyweight drum and bass and another 25 minutes of blistering dubstep from his Subhuman label “family and friends”, Wake The Dead has more bass pressure than you can handle.

It’s 2012 and the “dj mix” gauntlet has been thrown.

Turn this up as loud as possible…and get ready to WAKE THE DEAD!